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Avaya Products and Solutions.

Put Business Communications at the Heart of Customer & Employee Experiences.

As a global leader in delivering superior communications experiences, Avaya provides the most complete portfolio of software and services for multi-touch contact center and unified communications offered on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Today’s digital world centers on communications enablement, and no other company is better positioned to do this than Avaya

Avaya is a global leader in digital communications software, services and devices for businesses of all sizes. We enable the mission critical, real-time communication applications of the world’s most important operations. Our open, intelligent and customizable solutions for contact centers and unified communications offer the flexibility of Cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments. Our professional planning, support and management services teams help optimize solutions, for highly reliable and efficient deployments.

Ways to Leverage Communications for a Successful Digital Transformation
1. Help your employees embrace their communication tools - Make advanced communications tools available everywhere and embed them into everyday applications and workflows. Training employees and providing support helps ensure adoption. Real benefits come when people are using the tools consistently and effectively.

2. Connect all the touchpoints in your customer's digital journey - Your staff is operating efficiently. Now expand communications options for customers as well. Success internally can be the inspiration and groundwork for creating a digitally-based customer experience.

3. Make sure the human touch is still evident in your customer service - Keep the human touch central to your customer interactions. Customers love automation, but only as far as the technology is an enabler and not an obstacle to connecting with a live specialist.

4. Integrate your back office with your front office - Maximize satisfaction by weaving back-end service delivery into customer communications. Use technology to connect internal and external processes and eliminate service silos.

5. Embed communications into your processes and apps - Embedding communications in your company-wide workflows makes information and collaboration more accessible and available, so you can make better, faster decisions and be proactive in meeting customer needs.

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Avaya Selector

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  • IP Office™
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A Simple, Powerful, Unified Collaboration Solution

• IP Office expands to 3000 users, at a single site or up to 150 locations.
• A Purpose-Built System.
• Business Communication Providing Engagement Everywhere.
• Administration Made Simple.

IP Office™

Simple and Robust Omnichannel Contact Center Application for IP Office

• Implement a complete end-to-end customer service strategy
• Maximize the value of every interaction
• Expand the solution as your business grows.
• Deploy fast with minimal disruption.

IP Office™
Call Center

Flexible, Powerful Communications for Midsize Businesses

• Leverage the hybrid cloud for seamless integration
• Protect your existing investment.
• Maximize the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.
• Utilize an unparalleled full stack solution

IP Office™
in the Cloud

The Most Widely Used Contact Center Solution in the World

• Deliver a unified and highly personalized customer experience
• Add Lower Cost Customer Service Channels
• Improve Your Contact Center Performance
• Provide Your Customers with a Seamless Experience Across Channels

Avaya Aura®
Call Center Elite

Voice, Video and Collaboration Starts Here

• Communicate and Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere
• Reliability at Your Fingertips
• Extend conferencing, mobility, video and collaborative applications to everyone
• One Platform for All Your Communications.

Avaya Aura®
Communication Manager

All-in-One Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

• Connect with your customers on their terms.
• Reduce your expenses by using lower-cost channels.
• Consistently deliver a unified, seamless, and highly personalized experience
• Support Customer Channel Preferences

Avaya Aura®
Contact Center

Omnichannel Customer Engagement with a Personal Touch

• Connect with customers in new ways
• Orchestrate a personalized interaction with each customer.
• Be as mobile as your customers.
• Support self-service consumers through low-effort apps.

Avaya Aura®
Experience Portal

Unified Messaging with User Experience Choices and Deployment Flexibility

• Access your email, voicemail, and faxes from a single interface.
• Use a platform built for stability and flexibility.
• Use an Avaya or Microsoft Exchange Message Store

Avaya Aura®

A Simple, Powerful, Unified Collaboration Solution

• Rely on a platform that delivers rock-solid reliability and remarkable adaptability
• Keep up with change and business growth.
• Provide advanced unified communications and contact center solutions throughout your enterprise.

Avaya Aura®
System Platform

Easily Virtualize Your Avaya Applications

• Keep your communications and collaboration resources up and available
• Flexible Deployment Options
• Better TCO Today, Increased ROI Tomorrow
• Network Reliability

Avaya Aura®
Virtualized Environment

A Deeper, More Meaningful Look at Customer Interactions

• Harness the Voice of Your Customer
• Anticipate Contact Volumes
• Enable Agents to be More Successful
• Enable your supervisors to monitor complete interactions and evaluate agents

Avaya Aura®
Workforce Optimization

Exceed your customers’ expectations.

• Create a Digital Experience that Drives Customer Loyalty
• Give Agents Tools & Context for Better Customer Interactions
• Use Your Data & Analytics to Drive Better Business Outcomes

Avaya Oceana®

Communications for How and Where We Work.

• Digitally Power a New Work Experience.
• Use Tools Designed for the Mobile User.
• Deliver Seamless Collaboration Inside & Outside Your Business.

Avaya Equinox™

Your High-Performance Meeting Room in the Cloud.

• Save the money, time, and resources you’re spending on conferencing.
• Connect from any device.
• See and hear it all with 1080p full HD video and wideband audio.

Avaya Equinox®
Meetings Online

Take the Fast Lane to Great Communications Applications.

• Enter an Experience Built for Mobile Users
• Energize Your Teams With Integrated Workspaces
• Move Desktop Apps to Your Browser
• Eliminate the Complexity and Expense of Multiple Solutions

Avaya Breeze™

Differentiate Your Brand with Customized Applications Across Your Enterprise
• Building Both Packaged and Custom Apps
• Making Applications Development a Breeze
• Put Your Applications on an Eye-Catching, Friendly Device
• Personalize Your Multi-touch Customer Experience

Avaya Breeze™
Client SDK

Create Superior Customer Experiences with AI and Machine Learning.

• Connect with Your Customers
• Deliver Effortless Customer Engagement
• Achieve Better Business Results
• Re-energize Your Customer Care

Avaya Ava™

Advanced Solutions for Now and into the Future

• Build on your existing video deployment with HD video conferencing.
• Experience advanced room systems and distributed desktop and mobile endpoints.

Avaya Scopia® Video
Conferencing Infrastructure

The Latest in HD Video Collaboration Room Systems and Capabilities

• Experience outstanding video conferencing in any environment
• Deliver an unparalleled video collaboration experience.
• Achieve excellent video performance in real-world network conditions.

Avaya Scopia® XT Video

Sleek and Sophisticated Conference Phones

• Connect to a telephone line or your IP network and a power supply
• Set up and administer conference calls quickly with the built-in conference guide.
• Hear every second of the conversation with OmniSound™ audio technology.

Avaya Conference

Enhance Your Huddle Meeting and Collaboration Experience

• Introduce smarter collaboration to your business.
• Implement enterprise-level video for any size business.
• Integrate with cloud services
• Get set up fast, use it immediately.

Avaya CU-360
Collaboration Unit

Greater Security for Your Unified Communications Solutions

• Secure your SIP and VoIP connectivity beyond the enterprise data network firewall.
• Improve trunk and client protection
• Gain VPN-less remote worker integration
• Increased Remote Security for Any Employee, Any Device

Avaya Session Border

Bring Your Contact Center and Unified Communications as a Service to Market Quickly.

• Support multichannel interaction, so customers can use any communication channels they choose.
• Multi-party ad hoc conferencing.
• Rich presence and IM capabilities across a wide range of business environments.


Avaya Software Delivers Multichannel Contact Center Services and Support

• Add Lower-Cost Customer Service Channels
• Analyze Customer Service Data to Improve Your Contact Center Performance
• Provide Your Customers with a Seamless Experience Across Channels

Avaya Interaction

A Breakthrough Application Development Platform.

• Single, Integrated Environment.
• No Prerequisites.
• Full Integration with the Avaya Aura® Platform.
• Multi-Channel Communications and Collaboration.
• Powerful Architecture for Developer Extensibility.

Engagement Development

Transform How You Interact With Colleagues, Partners, and Customers.

• Quick-view dashboard of user names, availability status, and message indicators
• Contact lst showing presence status and available communication alternatives
• Media controls to move between communication modes


Avaya's flagship line of IP Deskphones offers brilliant audio quality

• Designed to serve the needs of a wide range of business users
• Feature-rich endpoints designed to enhance the desktop user experience.
• Small and midsize businesses rely on these high-quality deskphones
• Find the phone that meets your small business feature and affordability

Avaya Desktop

Integrated Conferencing on Any Device.

• Never Worry About Availability.
• Save Serious Bandwidth.
• Simplify Your Life with a Single Conferencing Platform.
• Make Your Meetings Easier to Plan, Faster to Start, and More Secure
• Integrate Conferencing into Your Unified Communications.
• Get All the Capacity You Need.

Avaya Aura® Conferencing

Full-Featured IP Telephony Communications

• Professional-Grade Business Communications.
• Sized for Growth.
• Continuous Communications.
• Safe and Secure Business Communications.
• High-Quality Communications for Exceptional User Experiences.

Avaya Communication
Server 1000

Built for Simple, Instant, Seamless, Natural Engagement

• For Avaya IP Office customers, use open Android-based Vantage models designed specifically for you.
• Skip the standardized, canned, pre-set communications solutions that you’ve adapted
• Achieve complete business application integration

Avaya Vantage™

Face-to-Face Collaboration in Your Mobile World and on Your Desktop.

• Rich User Experience.
• Simplicity Fuels Usage.
• Affordability -What Everyone Needs.
• Virtual Meeting Rooms Deliver Real-life Communication.
• Video Conferencing Designed for All Locations.

Avaya Scopia® Desktop and
Mobile Applications

Avaya Aura® System Manager common platform for integrating network management solutions, such as Avaya IP Flow Manager (IPFM), Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager (COM), Avaya Virtualization Provisioning Service (VPS), Avaya Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM), and Avaya VPFM-Lite.

Avaya Aura® System

Create and Manage Outbound Campaigns and Customer Communications.

• Count on Proactive Contact’s proven track record of 99.9% system uptime.
• Set Up, Manage, and Monitor Outbound Campaigns.
• Reduce Costs with Multi-Tenancy.
• Comply with Regulations and Manage Service Levels

Avaya Proactive

Enable Cloud-Based Communications from a Single Rack of Equipment.

• Flexible Deployment Options.
• Reliable, Dependable Business Services.
• Accelerate Time to Service.
• Minimize Management Complexities.

Avaya Pod

Bring Large-Scale Communication and Collaboration to Your Midsize Company.

• Large Enterprise Communications Features at a Midmarket Price
• The Value of Virtualization
• Grow Your Collaboration
• Unified Communications Plus SIP Can Drive Savings.
• Get More for Less.

Avaya Midsize Enterprise

Change the Way You Develop Applications.

• Avaya Engagement Designer
• WebRTC Snap-in
• Engagement Assistant.
• Context Store Snap-in.
• Work Assignment Snap-in.
• Real-Time Speech Snap-in.
• Call Park and Page Snap-in.
• Mobile Video Snap-in.


Get the Phone Capabilities that Best Fit Your Needs.
These highly scalable IP phones extend the power of IP telephony over a wireless LAN. The IP phones are designed for a range of end-user needs and environments. Wireless connections and features like conferencing and corporate directories help keep users productive, even as they move through the building or across campus.

Avaya IP Wireless

Proactive Customer Service via Any Channel.

• Get the Highest Possible Connections at the Lowest Possible Cost.
• Maximize the Number of Live Customers and Prospects.
• Let Customers Move Easily Between Automated Systems and Agents.
• Let customers choose when, where, and how they want to connect

Avaya Proactive Outreach

Gather, Measure, and Analyze Your Customer Interactions.

• Generate relevant and timely insights into the customer experience you’re delivering.
• Monitor and Record Customer Interactions.
• Evaluate and Improve Agent Performance.
• Measure Performance Improvements.

Avaya Workforce Optimization